The merithorical scope of the Hydrological Commission involves:
- organizing hydrological conferences by separate academic centres,
- undertaking research in work teams, ending in joint publication,
- exchanging experiences as well as inspiring studies on hydrology didactics,
- supporting hydrologists participating in the Polish Geographical Society conferences who presenting water problems in hydroclimatological sections.
In group works of the Commission may take part every hydrologist, even non-members of Polish Geographical Society. Deciding question in this case is merithorical contribution to Commission’s work.

History of the Hydrological Commission
1. The idea of the Commission formation: prof. I. Dynowska – scietific conference in Gdańsk City entitled: “Polish Hydrography at Last Twenty Years” (8-10th of October 1965).
2. Establishment of the Hydrological Commission of the Polish Geographical Society – 6th of November 1965 – Wrocław City (resolution of the Main Board)
3. Chairmen’s of the Commission:
- prof. Tadeusz Wilgat (1965-1975)
- prof. Irena Dynowska (1976-1990)
- prof. Andrzej T. Jankowski (1990-2007)
- prof. Joanna Pociask-Karteczka (2007-2014)
- prof. Paweł Jokiel (2014-2022)
- prof. Mirosław Żelazny (2022 – up to now)

4. Secretary’s:
- Helena Werner-Więckowska PhD (1965-1981)
- prof. Małgorzata Gutry-Korycka (1981-1994)
- prof. Stanisław Czaja (1994-2007)
- prof.  Tomasz Bryndal (2007-2014)
- prof. Edmund Tomaszewski (2014-2022)
- dr Anna Bojarczuk (2022 – up to now)
5. Awarding the title of Honorary Chairman of the Hydrological Commission to H. Werner-Więckowska PhD (1981)
6. Change the name of the Commission from Hydrographical to Hydrological­ – 46th Convention of Polish Geographical Society in Rynia – September 1997.

Main team works coordinated by Hydrological Commission
- Impact of retention lakes (reservoirs) on geographical environment in Poland
- Anthropogenic determinants of flow and river regime changes in various regions of Poland
- Anthropogenic and natural tendencies of lakes and wetlands development in Poland
- Historical changes of water conditions in urban areas
- Anthropogenic changes of water quality
- Didactical problems in hydrology
- Coordination and publishing the bibliography of “Polish Hydrography”, containing all hydrological publications made in academic geographical centres in the period 1946-1996 (5 volumes).
- Impact of anthropopression on lakes
- Springs of Poland – quantitative and qualitative assessment, importance to water management, problems of protection
- Hydrographical map of Poland – methodical guide, coordination, expert assessment.